There are several first aid training courses provided here at Global skills, that will ensure you to have the capabilities to perform first aid operations in emergencies. We are completely aware of the security and first aid needed in a workplace to ensure that employees and customers are protected, and this course will qualify you on how to handle emergency situations where an individual may need treatment after suffering an injury. Emergencies that we provide training on includes treating burn victims, wounds, an individual in a state of shock, and carrying out CPR if it is necessary.

As each organization requires an emergency care assistant, having first aid credentials will make you more than capable of obtaining a job in the field of security which is the combination of examining CCTV and First aid qualifications. In this course, students will be able to give first aid to an individual with specific injuries and illnesses. At Global skills, we focus on providing excellent training so that students are able to perform professionally and efficiently in a time of need.