This programme is originated to enhance your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The basic purpose of this course is to develop your English skills required for academic needs. The course covers personal and life skills, constructing and delivering formal presentations, notes, tutorials, essay writing, understanding academic texts and public speaking. You will also learn several ways to interact and communicate on different platforms. On completion of the programme, you will be able to excel further into other advanced academic courses.

The English language for academics is designed to provide non-native students an opportunity to enhance their English language skills within an academic context. The core purpose of this course is to boost the level of Academic English with the addition of providing academic skills of writing, presentations, and critical thinking.

It will accomplish your writing potential in terms of lexis and syntax of sentence construction, language structure and style.

These skills will be useful for your higher education journey and with future career building.

Entry Requirements:

No entry requirements needed; an assessment will take place to analyse your level of English as well as an interview to know about your educational background

How to apply

Fill out an online application form via the link below. An adviser will contact you regarding your application.